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Customized products to jewelry manufacturers in China

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Like a meteor across the night sky, every jewelry design inspiration you can meet but can not find. An excellent jewelry design idea needs to find a reliable jewelry manufacturer to complete; we are your best choice. In jewelry production, our factory has rich practical experience; not only that, but we also have an excellent team and advanced equipment. We have cooperated with many jewelry brands, and we know the needs and requirements of customers very well. We can complete the work and meet the needs of customers every time. We always maintain a sincere and reliable attitude for the pieces designed by customers and try our best to present the works perfectly in front of customers. Finally, let’s work together to make jewelry that the public loves.

01 Design First-class design team 02 3D proofing Free 3D drawings and 3D proofing 03 Mass production More than 30 processing steps 04 Quality Inspection More than 5 times QC Design We provide stainless steel jewelry OEM & ODM service with our professional R & D team. 3D proofing Have worked with over 20 international famous brands, providing free jewelry 3D samples and report the production schedule to customers actively every week. Mass production Different stainless steel jewelry have different have production over 30 steps. Quality inspection All stainless steel jewelry must be done 30 processing at least, including 1500℃ sintering, 72 hours grinding & polishing and more than 5 times QC.

●After you confirm the 3D design sample of the jewelry, the jewelry factory will arrange to produce the finished piece and send it to you to see the effect of the finished product. The production will start if you have no problem with the finished jewelry sample.

●You need to pay the deposit for the bulk jewelry production, and then the jewelry factory will arrange mass production.

●After the production is completed, we will inform you to accept the goods, pay the expenses, complete the balance payment, and the factory will pack and ship the goods.

●Customized cooperation completed logistics distribution.

The general wisdom is to only work with the first category. In many cases, that makes a lot of sense. By working directly with a manufacturer, you will have more control over the design process – and have better insights into their ability to ensure compliance with relevant standards.






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