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Customized products to jewelry manufacturers in China
Customized products to jewelry manufacturers in China
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Cost-effectiveness of artificial jewelry
Necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings are really diverse. You can sell gold, silver, nickel, diamonds, gemstones, shells, beads -- you name it, there's probably an audience for it. The choice and color combinations are seemingly endless. One fundamental reason why you should invest in fashion j
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What is artificial jewelry?
Originally, costume or fashion jewelry was made of inexpensive simulated gemstones, such as rhinestones or lucite, set in pewter, silver, nickel, or brass. During the depression years, rhinestones were even down-graded by some manufacturers to meet the cost of production.The same glamorous effect of
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How to care for epoxy jewelry
How to care for epoxy jewelryApart from creating jewelry, epoxy resin is used to coat paint cans, containers of acidic food, and mental containers. It is famous for decorative flooring applications. Even though epoxy resin has a less chemical smell than synthetic resin, it still needs to be handled
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Epoxy for jewelry style
Resin jewelry is certainly one of today's trendier styles, and makers are finding inspiration for it everywhere. A simple Instagram or Pinterest search returns thousands of resin jewelry photos and tutorials, while resin jewelry is also a staple of craft markets and art shows as well. Fortunately, o
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Price of epoxy for jewelry
The biggest worries for resin are similar to metal rings. Don't let anything too sharp near them (water, however, will not cause damage to resin where it will to metal), and try not to sit or step on them.You can find closed back bezel trays for making resin pendants, earrings, bracelet charms, and
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Materials for epoxy for jewelry
You will get a crystal clear result for your jewelry with a glossy finish. This does have a bit of an odor but after it is cured it goes away quickly. You don't get as much product in each bottle like you would with the epoxy resin listed above but for smaller projects, adding accents or for practic
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The matching of three types of jewelry (necklace)
The matching of three types of jewelry (necklace)The so-called three major categories of jewelry, namely ear jewelry, neck jewelry and hand jewelryThis article is about how to choose these three types of jewelry, and how they coordinate with each other.[Neck ornaments] According to the length and sh
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How to match jewelry
首饰该如何搭配1.根据皮肤色调选择暖色调:戴金色显白冷色调:带银色显白也根据个人的风格而决定首饰穿搭的颜色2.双层叠戴法则一长一短 一主一次以此显得更协调3.颜色协调金配金 银配银 浅金配银也可混搭4.v领配短链,以彰显首饰的细节5.主次分明项链耳饰戴的位置相近 二者挑其一戴有存在感点的6.减法法则全身上下首饰不要超过3件,避免过于臃肿俗气。
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