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The ultimate goal is to find deep inspiration, and never just taste it, and to use the real ideas from life into the work of jewelry design. 
Jewelry design endowed with unique charm by life; giving life to jewelry, which means that every piece of jewelry should have its own story. Apart from nature, it is all the inspiration and inspiration that life gives him. You should know that every design work that comes from life should be produced by being endowed with unique charm, and it can bring the designer a completely different life perception from before.

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Create a first-class platform and be a first-class standard
Mr. Qiu, the chairman of JinJiang Jewelry Limited, has been committed to the jewelry industry since he was 18 years old, and has been involved in jewelry development and production for 50 years. Successively established factories and offices in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Yiwu. Finally, the company's headquarters and production base were moved to Chang'an, Dongguan officially , which known as the "China Jewelry Capital". In 2020, the Trade department was established again in Yiwu, China.JinJiang Jewelry Limited used to have more than 3,800 employees during its peak period. The sample room has more than 500,000 different samples and holds more than 20 own patents. As one of the pioneers in the jewelry industry, Mr. Qiu occupied an important position in the jewelry industry. At present, the employees who have worked in  JinJiang Jewelry limited are all over of China, and some of them have made great achievements in the jewelry field. For example, in Yiwu, 6 out of 10 people in the jewelry industry have followed Mr. Qiu, which fully reflects his huge influence in the Chinese jewelry industry.Read More>>

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Create a first-class platform and be a first-class standard

01 07, 2021
Which jewelry items are not suitable for middle-aged women?

Which jewelry items are not suitable for middle-aged women?When a woman is in her 30s or 40s, she will no longer be as energetic and energetic as in her twenties, and will appear more mature. At this age, women don't pay much attention to beautiful clothes or catch the trend. More will care more abo

01 07, 2021
Precautions for wearing various accessories

Precautions for wearing various accessories

01 07, 2021
The jewelry you wear determines your personality

The jewelry you wear determines your personalityNowadays, people’s quality of life is getting higher and higher. People are not just staying in the pursuit of a single food and clothing, but are slowly turning to spiritual satisfaction. It is also because of this that jewelry has begun to be sought






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