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Custom jewelry manufacturers introduce common cleaning methods for jewelry
Custom jewelry manufacturers introduced that to clean diamond jewelry, you can use a solution of 6 parts of water and 1 part of ammonia. Then use a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpicks to remove dust and particles from any gaps, rinse with clean water and then wipe with a dry soft cloth.To clean
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China jewelry manufacturer introduces why silver jewelry will turn black after a long time
Silver itself is shiny and looks very beautiful. As long as the design of silver jewelry is slightly displayed, it will make people feel very beautiful. When worn on the body, it can highlight the silver precious metal temperament, but silver is easily affected by the outside world and will e
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Pearl jewelry manufacturers remind how to properly maintain pearl necklaces?
If jewelry is worn for a long time, there will usually be dirt attached to it. These things are difficult to clean. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain these jewelry during normal wearing. So how to properly maintain the pearl necklace? pearl jewelry manufacturers to tell you.How to properly main
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TOP 5 wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer
Finding a high-quality and reliable wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer is of great help to the creation of a brand. Finding the right jewelry manufacturer can greatly improve the return on investment of your business.However, choosing the right manufacturer is very tricky. To help you, I carefull
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Pearl jewelry suppliers suggest how to clean pearl necklaces correctly
After wearing a pearl necklace for a long time, there will be some dirt attached to its surface. At this time, the first thought of many people is to wash these dirt away. But if the cleaning method is wrong, the pearl necklace may be ruined. Let pearl jewelry suppliers tell you the correct way to c
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How to ensure quality in wholesale custom jewelry processing
How to guarantee the quality of wholesale custom jewelry processing? Everything needs to be started from the source, and the processing of wholesale custom jewelry is the same. The source of our jewelry processing starts from the design. Many people think that this is just a simple design, but it is
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custom jewelry manufacturers high-quality jewelry processing
custom jewelry manufacturers high-quality jewelry processingHigh quality means exquisite selection of materials, fine workmanship, and excellent quality, which can be seen from the processing technology of the jewelry processing plant and the finished jewelry.Custom jewelry manufacturers focus on je
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china jewellery manufacturer introduces the cooperation process for jewellery foundry
First, you need to provide hand-drawn drafts or painted drafts, as well as electronic drawings, or directly provide china jewellery manufacturer. If you are close to the jewelry processing factory, you can go to the jewelry foundry to check the scale of the factory, the processing strength, and the
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How To Clean Jewelry At Home A question we are asked by our client is, “how to tell our customers how to protect their jewelry at home?” It’s important for the jewelry owners to know that cleaning jewelry is not always easier at home. Actually, one jewelry cleaning technique will not enough for all
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Crystal vs Diamond
what's a Diamond?
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