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Cost-effectiveness of artificial jewelry
Necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings are really diverse. You can sell gold, silver, nickel, diamonds, gemstones, shells, beads -- you name it, there's probably an audience for it. The choice and color combinations are seemingly endless. One fundamental reason why you should invest in fashion j
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Epoxy for jewelry style
Resin jewelry is certainly one of today's trendier styles, and makers are finding inspiration for it everywhere. A simple Instagram or Pinterest search returns thousands of resin jewelry photos and tutorials, while resin jewelry is also a staple of craft markets and art shows as well. Fortunately, o
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How women choose jewelry - practical articles
Everyday jewelry accessories can be roughly divided into two categories:1. Delicate jewelry: It can be worn in the daily workplace and leisure. Many things are made of 9k or 11k gold and can be inlaid with very tiny diamonds, rubies, crystals, etc.I used to be very optimistic about this trend brough
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How women choose jewelry
How women choose jewelryThe thing that girls should all love is jewelry. Let's not talk about the love stories hidden behind the jewelry. Just go to Tiffiny's store and think of Hepburn's saying, "This is the best place in the world, where nothing bad will happen" which girl can be wrong Jewelry tem
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How to define fashion jewelry
How to define fashion jewelryIn fact, for true fashionistas, fashion jewelry is not limited to jewelry and jade. As long as it is a solid material that is harmless to people, you can use it to make jewelry, including precious metals, precious stones, glass, ceramics, bones, shells, plant fruits, pla
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Processing technology of silver jewelry
1. Black silver inlay technology: This is an alloy decoration technology only used for silver. This processing method is widely used in the Middle East, Russia, and Thailand. Black silver jewelry is generally made of chiseled or engraved silver design, and then filled with pure black copper-silver-l
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What are the ways to wear a brooch?
Custom jewelry manufacturers suggest that wearing a good chest may be more important than matching a good piece of clothing. A well-worn brooch reflects the wearer's taste and lifestyle. If you wear it well, the watch will immediately explode in temperament. If you wear it badly, it may lower the gr
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wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer introduces how to use toothpaste to clean silver jewelry
Silver jewelry will change color when it is affected by the human body after wearing it for a long time. At this time, it needs to be cleaned. The followingThe editor of wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer will teach you the tips of cleaning silver jewelry with toothpaste.1. When cleaning silver j
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What are the wearing skills of fashion necklaces?
Fashion necklaces are popular fashion jewelry, and the right fashion necklace can adorn the neck. No matter what kind of makeup and dress, there are fashionable necklaces suitable for wearing, which makes the overall look have a good coordination effect. But did you know that wearing fashion necklac
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How To Clean Jewelry At Home A question we are asked by our client is, “how to tell our customers how to protect their jewelry at home?” It’s important for the jewelry owners to know that cleaning jewelry is not always easier at home. Actually, one jewelry cleaning technique will not enough for all
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