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custom jewelry manufacturers high-quality jewelry processing

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High quality means exquisite selection of materials, fine workmanship, and excellent quality, which can be seen from the processing technology of the jewelry processing plant and the finished jewelry.

Custom jewelry manufacturers focus on jewelry customization and OEM, so let's take a look at how high-quality jewelry processing is. There are a variety of material options for high-quality processing, so we will choose high-quality jewelry materials. This material is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, so it is strong, beautiful and shiny, and can be rubbed back and forth, so the surface is generally not There are obvious scratches.

custom jewelry manufacturers

In the processing of high-quality jewelry manufacturers, in order to achieve fine workmanship, some CNC engravings need to be debugged many times, so as to ensure that the graphics are highly reducible, clearly visible, and the product is the same. Manual inlays also need to ensure that the arrangement is flat and the thickness is consistent, so that each piece of jewelry can be treated as a handicraft.

In order to make the jewelry have better protection and a variety of color display, the surface adopts the vacuum furnace electroplating process, and the 18k gold electroplating surface is attached with a real gold film. The process is environmentally friendly and the color retention of the jewelry is more durable, so that the effect of the jewelry display is as well as The quality has been greatly improved. There are other colors for electroplating to meet the needs of the masses.






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