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china jewellery manufacturer introduces the cooperation process for jewellery foundry

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First, you need to provide hand-drawn drafts or painted drafts, as well as electronic drawings, or directly provide china jewellery manufacturer. If you are close to the jewelry processing factory, you can go to the jewelry foundry to check the scale of the factory, the processing strength, and the quality and quality of the products produced. By the way, give them this information. If they are far away, you can directly mail samples, or design drafts.

After the china jewellery manufacturer receives the design draft or sample, it will communicate the details of the design draft, so that you can fully understand the design draft of the jewellery. After that, the jewelry processing factory will confirm the jewelry information, generally verifying the jewelry materials, process requirements and delivery date. For example, the type of processing is actually processing with supplied materials, of course, it will also include processing with contracted labor or partial processing, jewelry size, quantity and material grade requirements, process requirements, production cycle, and delivery time.

china jewellery manufacturer

China jewellery manufacturer will initially estimate the price of jewellery production, and then pay for the sample proofing costs. Jewellery processing factories generally arrange for a 3D designer to make a 3D model on the computer, and then send you the 3D model to further confirm the details of the product to you. And make changes and adjustments. And the final price of the product is given.

After you confirm the jewelry 3D design pattern, the jewelry processing factory will arrange the production of samples, and then send you to see the effect of the finished product. If there is no problem with the finished jewelry sample, you can enter the production link for a long time.

Then you can pay 30% of the payment for large jewelry production as a deposit, and then you can arrange mass production according to the jewelry processing factory. After the production is completed, you can be notified to check and accept the goods, pay the fee, and the final payment is completed, and the factory packs and ships.






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