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Which jewelry items are not suitable for middle-aged women?

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pexels-fauxels-3183132 (1)Consider the following options: 

- Limited- or open-edition prints (framed, unframed, 

or prints on canvas)

- Digital downloads (desktop wallpaper, 

templates, print-at-home art, etc.)

Custom art made to order from a customer request or

commissioned by a business (Note: Generally, this art

would be one of a kind and not sold again as a


- Merchandise (your art printed on hats, mugs, t-shirts,

enamel pins, greeting cards, stationery, etc.)

Repeat prints on fabric, wrapping paper, or wallpaper  

- Licensing work to other brands or

publications (great for illustrators and photographers.

- Collaborations with brands (limited collection sold

through the partner brand’s store)

The market research company also reports an increase 

in awareness regarding personal care products. Rising 

lip care issues, such as chapping, splitting, and wrinkles,

is estimated to further propel the demand for lip balm. 

It also predicts online sales as the main distribution 

channels for new entrants into the market.

Lip balm is for everyone. Whether you use it daily or

carry it around for when your lips dry out, it's a 

helpful product for consumers. In fact, one study 

reported that 65.9% of people use lip balm daily.

Google Trends shows consistent interest in lip balm

over the past five years. Consumers tend to search

for lip balm most in the fall and winter months. You’

ll notice the uptrend in interest begins mid-October

and finishes around March. This gives lip care 

retailers a nice seven-month window to push sales

before summer.


pexels-cottonbro-4778401So if you’re an entrepreneur looking for a new product to sell, 

lip balm is a solid option for you. A lip balm business offers 

numerous benefits, including:

- Low cost to make. Making lip balm doesn’t require pricey 

materials. Some sources claim DIY lip balm costs around 

$0.12 per tube.

- Global interest. Balm and other lip care products have no

boundaries. There is clear interest around the world. It’s also

an easy product to ship.

- Easy DIY craft to learn. The recipe for creating homemade

lip balm is easy to follow. As you’ll see in the formula below, 

it’s a simple process.

- Easy to customize. With so many different bases and scents,

it’s easy to personalize lip care products and differentiate 

yourself from competitors.






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