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Which jewelry items are not suitable for middle-aged women?

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When a woman is in her 30s or 40s, she will no longer be as energetic and energetic as in her twenties, and will appear more mature. At this age, women don't pay much attention to beautiful clothes or catch the trend. More will care more about temperament and feminine charm. There are many ways to show femininity. Dressing style is a performance. Cosmetics and bags can show femininity and charm. There is another important thing that can also help show femininity and charm, that is, various Jewelry too. There are many types of jewelry. Wearing different jewelry at different ages may reduce the image if you wear it incorrectly, and it will also make you completely devoid of temperament and look very old-fashioned.

Necklace jewelry

Too many fashionable accessories. Now is a brand new era, and the updating of new generations will be faster, and the updating of jewelry will be faster. In the past, everyone liked to wear gold or jade ornaments, but now there are more types, and many complicated jewellery items have begun to come out. The style of gold jewelry is very different from the past. Nowadays, gold chains are getting thicker and thicker, but many people like to wear them. In order to keep up with the trend, many middle-aged women also began to be tempted, and began to buy large gold chains to wear. It's really not in line with the temperament, and even a bit too high-profile. In addition to large gold chains, there are also jewelry with more complicated designs. Jewelry made of multiple layers is not only unsightly, but also a bit vulgar. If women in their 30s and 40s wear such jewelry, they will not show their temperament. , But will feel very vulgar.

The jewelry size is too exaggerated. People usually say that they are small and exquisite. It can be seen that everyone prefers smaller things, and jewelry is the same. Smaller ones will be more delicate, and they will be more elegant when worn. If it is too big, it seems more ostentatious. Many older people like more exaggerated jewelry. But women in their 30s and 40s, who have not yet reached the age of age, wear exaggerated jewellery, they will be out of fashion and have a little less temperament. Middle-aged women should choose exquisite and small jewelry, which will bring out their personal charm, rather than choose exaggerated jewelry to attract special attention. Not only will it not be attractive, but it may also attract a lot of ridicule.

It can be seen from this that what kind of jewelry should be worn at any age. Choosing the wrong one is a burden. It will also appear that oneself is particularly ignorant, and will have no temperament and charm. It may be in the eyes of others. A clown. Women who want to show off their temperament must choose suitable jewelry, not too exaggerated, not too rich in color, and suitable in size.






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