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TOP 5 wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer

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Finding a high-quality and reliable wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer is of great help to the creation of a brand. Finding the right jewelry manufacturer can greatly improve the return on investment of your business.

However, choosing the right manufacturer is very tricky. To help you, I carefully selected some good jewelry manufacturers and platforms on the market.

When choosing a wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer, the following aspects must be considered in order to understand the jewelry manufacturer and determine whether to cooperate with them.

First of all, we must determine whether the quality of the products provided by the wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer is of high quality. Then look at the effect of customization, it depends on the degree of customization provided by the manufacturer, and there must be a manufacturer who can customize products in depth.


Printful is a manufacturer of jewelry on demand. Printful has multiple distribution centers. Jewelry products are generally distributed directly from two locations-the United States and Latvia. Printful is also integrated with Shopify. The products produced by this jewelry manufacturer are distributed Very fast delivery, quality guaranteed.


2.Amazon Business

Amazon Business is a place to find wholesale jewelry manufacturers and suppliers for free. It is not like a jewelry manufacturer in the traditional sense. It is more like a platform for jewelry sellers and jewelry buyers to communicate. Of course, they also provide additional With discounts and fast and convenient delivery, they even have handmade jewelry sellers.


3.Oro Alexander

Oro Alexander is a popular gold, diamond and colored gemstone jewelry manufacturer. This jewelry manufacturer has a minimum order quantity requirement. You need a minimum order quantity worth $25,000 for private labeling. There is no way below this number. Orders placed at this jewelry manufacturer are a good choice for some financially strong buyers.



Covet is a jewelry manufacturer that can provide a series of services according to your needs. When providing products, they also provide wholesale and custom jewelry designs.

Their products do not have additional brands, so you can add your own logo and or any custom labels on the packaging and sell them under your brand name.

You can also request fine adjustments to the product, such as length changes, metal finishes, gem color, buckle type, and chain style.

If you have customized product requirements and customized logo requirements, you can choose their home to customize the products, but they also have a minimum order quantity. Covet requires 25 units as the minimum order quantity for custom design.



JinJiang has been engaged in jewelry R&D and production for 50 years. The jewelry manufacturer produces a wide range of products, including rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bracelets, pins, headwear, anklets, watches, etc. More than 500,000 kinds, JinJiang supports the entire Cooperation in the form of cabinet output, whole store output, retail, ODM, OEM, etc.

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