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Pearl jewelry suppliers suggest how to clean pearl necklaces correctly

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After wearing a pearl necklace for a long time, there will be some dirt attached to its surface. At this time, the first thought of many people is to wash these dirt away. But if the cleaning method is wrong, the pearl necklace may be ruined. Let pearl jewelry suppliers tell you the correct way to clean pearl necklaces today

To know the correct cleaning method, you must first know what are the taboos. Usually you should avoid wearing pearl jewelry for washing and bathing. If you wear a pearl necklace to wash clothes and bathe, the pearls will be mixed with shampoo and shower gel. In contact with soap and other detergents, these detergents are generally acid-alkaline, which can easily corrode the surface of the pearl, and soap and other soaps are also easy to get stuck in the gems in the pearl necklace, which will affect the pearl necklace The gloss and brightness.

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Avoid wearing pearl necklaces in the kitchen. Mineral jewelry such as pearl necklaces and crystal necklaces are different. There are many small pores on the surface of pearls. If you wear a pearl necklace to the kitchen to cook, there will be air pollution such as steam and oil smoke. The substance may penetrate into the pearl and make the pearl yellow.

Before cleaning the pearl necklace, you need to wipe off all the pearls on the necklace with a cotton cloth, then dilute the soapy water, and scrub it repeatedly with a cotton cloth dipped in soapy water to wipe off the stains. Then rub the pearl necklace with pure water, clean the soapy water on the pearl necklace, and finally dry it with a cotton cloth.

Find a basin with half a basin of water, then wet your hands and soap, rub the soap with your hands, wait until both hands are filled with bubbles, and then put the soap bubbles in the water to wash them off. Moisten a soft cloth and slowly wipe the surface of the pearl. Then rinse it off with clean water. If there is dirt on the edge of the pearl hole, just use a soft brush dipped in water and gently brush it. Always wipe with a clean soft cloth, so that you can remove the dust and dirt adhering to the surface of the pearl.






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