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Pearl jewelry manufacturers remind how to properly maintain pearl necklaces?

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If jewelry is worn for a long time, there will usually be dirt attached to it. These things are difficult to clean. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain these jewelry during normal wearing. So how to properly maintain the pearl necklace? pearl jewelry manufacturers to tell you.

pearl jewelry manufacturers

How to properly maintain a pearl necklace:

1. Avoid rinsing and soaking in tap water

There is a fixed content of chlorine in tap water, which will damage the luster of the pearl surface, and the pearl also has water absorption. If you rinse or soak with water, the water will enter the pores of the pearl, which is difficult to wipe clean, and time When it grows, it is easy to ferment, the beads may turn green, and even the pearls may crack.

2. Avoid high temperature or ultraviolet radiation

Pearls are not resistant to high temperatures. If they are stored in a very hot place for a long time, or under ultraviolet light, the pearls may crack and change color. Therefore, do not put the pearl necklace in direct sunlight or high temperature. Places with high humidity.

3. Avoid contact with acid and alkaline substances

Some common substances in our lives generally contain acids or alkalis with different concentrations. These acid-base chemicals with different concentrations are very likely to damage pearl necklaces. Therefore, to preserve pearl necklaces, they need to be combined with acid-base substances. Touch with caution.






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