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Pearl jewellery wholesale introduces which tools can be used to clean jewelry?

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1. Brushes. No special brushes are needed. The toothbrush on hand is very convenient. It is recommended to use detergent to clean jewelry. Use fine-grained toothpaste, which has a slight cleaning effect, but may cause small scratches on the surface. Pearl jewellery wholesale is not recommended to be used on coated jewelry. Do not touch hard brushes with delicate jewelry such as pearls.

Toothbrush with toothpaste is actually very easy to use. It can be understood as an enhanced version of a soft brush. Different types of toothpaste may affect the effect. Toothpaste without particles and transparent toothpaste can be used to clean most jewelry. Containing particles will leave some marks on the metal, which will damage the surface of some bottom hardness gems and organic gems. It is also good for old silver jewelry or antiques. There is a kind of toothpaste that has very thick particles, and you must pay attention to it. The cleaning effect is very good, but it may brush out the metal on the matte surface.

2. Silver cloth, silver cloth itself contains small abrasive, so it is equivalent to re-polishing. It can clean a large area and lightly oxidize, but the oxidizing effect accumulated throughout the year has a weak cleaning ability.

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3. Begonia powder is actually refined calcium carbonate powder, which can be finely polished to remove oxidation on the surface.

4. Rubbing silver paste, because of the relationship between the paste, it is difficult to clean the details, but it can be used to wipe antiques, which can moderately retain the ancient feeling, but it has no effect on silver products.

5. The silver washing water reduces the silver oxidation through a chemical reaction. The silver washing water cleans the details very well, and the chain can also be cleaned very clean, basically there are no dead corners. It can ensure that the coating is not damaged and the cleaning effect is good. Some gold-plated silver ornaments have brownish-blue markings for a long time, and the silver washing water has the best cleaning effect. But the silver washing water and the old sulfur reaction may make the entire old part yellow, which is difficult to wash off, so don't touch the old silver jewelry.

Silver washing water can also damage the surface of the pearl, and organic gems should not be touched. If you must use it, pearl jewellery wholesale recommends that you can use a dip in a small area without touching the pearl, and then rinse immediately.

The silver washing water reacts differently to different proportions of silver. Some silver jewelry will appear yellowish on the surface after being washed for a period of time. In this case, you can generally wipe it with silver cloth or begonia powder.

6. Polishing strips are actually polishing strips for manicure. This tool can't deal with details, but it also has an effect on fine scratches on the surface. The long-term oxidation effect is also good, and it can be used with an ultrasonic cleaning machine.

7. Household ultrasound, the ultrasound used to clean jewelry is the kind of glasses that is very convenient. Ultrasonic effect is very good, it can be matched with detergent, and jewelry with good stability can be matched with glass water. For fashion jewelry, many use imitation pearls and more metal coatings. Semi precious stone jewellery wholesale does not recommend the use of ultrasound, which may cause destructive consequences.






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