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How to ensure quality in wholesale custom jewelry processing

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How to guarantee the quality of wholesale custom jewelry processing? Everything needs to be started from the source, and the processing of wholesale custom jewelry is the same. The source of our jewelry processing starts from the design. Many people think that this is just a simple design, but it is not the case. Whether it is the design provided by the customer or our own design, the design stage is not only the drawing. This requires us to communicate and discuss. No matter how good the design is, it also needs to be combined with the craft. We will also consider the pros and cons, cost and efficiency of the realized craft. This is the beginning of a product and the beginning of the quality of the finished product.

wholesale custom jewelry

After the wholesale custom jewelry processing is completed in the design stage, our jewelry factory will make samples of the products, and communicate and modify them again according to the samples, paving the way for the formal product quality later. Of course, in the sample production stage, we have completed the finalization of the product raw materials and technology, which are the foundation of jewelry quality assurance. It can be said that the proofing stage of jewelry processing is the most important, after all, it is related to the production of all bulk goods.

In addition to the design and proofing stages, we have the last guarantee, which is the standardization of the production process. Through production management, every step of the production process has quality control, and the next step will flow to the next step if there is no problem, so that there will be no mistakes. Through the above steps, there is basically no problem with the quality assurance of jewelry processing.






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