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China jewelry manufacturer introduces why silver jewelry will turn black after a long time

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       Silver itself is shiny and looks very beautiful. As long as the design of silver jewelry is slightly displayed, it will make people feel very beautiful. When worn on the body, it can highlight the silver precious metal temperament, but silver is easily affected by the outside world and will easily become black due to oxidation. After wearing for a long time, silver jewelry will always appear black, which makes it ugly. Today, China jewelry manufacturer will introduce how to clean the black stains of silver jewelry.

       Toothpaste cleans silver jewelry. Toothpaste is the most common cleaning agent in daily life. Toothpaste mainly cleans teeth. In fact, toothpaste can not only clean teeth, but toothpaste has a strong cleaning ability. Toothpaste contains abrasives that can effectively remove some stubborn stains.

       It is very effective to use silver toothpaste to clean silver jewelry. It only needs to repeatedly brush the surface of silver jewelry with toothbrush and toothpaste. You will find that it starts to turn white, and when all the white is cleaned up, the silver will return to its original luster.

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        The second method is Coke soaking. Many people don't know enough about Coke. In fact, Coke is more than just a drink. Coke can also react with metal acidic substances. Soaking silver jewelry with Coke only needs to wait statically. There are many lines in the design of silver jewelry, and some places cannot be brushed. As long as the Coke is soaked, there is no need to deliberately clean it. Wait for a while, and take out the silver jewelry. Make the hair part black and silver jewelry will be more shiny.

        The third method is to clean silver jewelry with alcohol. Alcohol is a special substance that can be used not only for medicinal purposes but also for drinking, so alcohol has a bactericidal effect. Its practical alcohol cleaning silver jewelry is very effective. Just wipe the surface of silver jewelry with alcohol. The blackened part is cleaned, and the alcohol also disinfects the silver jewelry, so you can wear it more safely.

       The fourth method is to use tea or vinegar to clean. Vinegar itself is an acidic substance that reacts with metals. It can wash off the black oxide on the surface. The tea contains tannins, which can effectively wash away other dirt and clean. The later silver jewelry is cleaner and shiny.

       The above four techniques can handle black and dyed silver jewelry. The cleaning effect is very good. It can quickly and effectively restore the original gloss of the silver jewelry without damaging the silver jewelry. The cleaning method is simple and effective.






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