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Characteristics and processing of silver jewelry

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What is silver jewelry?

Silver jewelry refers to a variety of decorations made of silver. Silver is one of the precious metals, and its appearance is silver-white. Silver jewelry adopts various processing techniques and is processed into a wide variety of silver jewelry. Generally speaking, it can be divided into earrings. , neck accessories, hand accessories, foot accessories and clothing 5 categories.

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The difference between 925 Galaxy Foot Silver:

925 silver is the international standard for silver jewelry. Because of its increased hardness, 925 silver jewelry supplier suggested that 925 silver is mainly used for fashionable silver jewelry with complicated production process, while pure silver is relatively soft, so it is generally not suitable for inlaying gemstones or making silver jewelry. It can be used to make traditional child lock bracelets and elderly bracelets.

Silver jewelry processing technology:

1. Chiseling and engraving technology: an ancient processing technique that is very common in gold and silver processing. The specific operation is to thin the gold and silver, and then use the chisel to carve out the effect of relief, or chisel with rich patterns. The larger the area, the richer the effect.

2. Melting method: This production method is more common in Europe. This method generally uses the physical properties of silver to conduct heat evenly and quickly, and burn it with fire. The fire heats the thin silver sheet to the point where it is about to melt, and then removes the heat source. Produces even creases. Jewelry made of this material has a strong decorative effect.

3. Japanese wood grain metal: This processing technique, the main material used is also silver, and the accessories produced are very artistic and decorative. The operation method is to overlap and weld sterling silver and different contents of copper-silver alloy, nickel-silver alloy, copper, brass and red copper layer by layer, and then rub it and then flatten it, and the metal surface will have texture effects of different colors.

4. Black silver inlay technique: This is a silver alloy decoration technique, which is widely used in the Middle East, Russia and Thailand. Black silver jewelry is generally made of chiseled or engraved silver design as the base, and then filled with pure black copper-silver-lead alloy in the pattern, which is polished to reveal the pattern of silver, with a strong contrast between black and white.

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Advantages of silver jewelry:

1. Silver jewelry is rich in styles and moderate in price, so that it can keep up with fashion and be easy to match with clothing.

2. Silver jewelry overcomes the two major disadvantages of high price of precious jewelry and low value of artificial craft jewelry. Silver jewelry has the advantages of high quality and low price, exquisite style, fine workmanship and elegant taste, which can meet the fashion needs of consumers and form a new Fashion trend.

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Silver jewelry is classified by process:

Generally, it can be divided into three categories: bright silver, primary color silver and Thai silver. In addition, it can be further divided into inlaid with gemstones and uninlaid plain silver.

1. Bright silver: By electroplating rhodium or other electroplating materials on the surface of the silver ornament, the silver has the same luster as platinum, which can isolate the silver from the air. As long as the coating is not damaged, the silver ornament can not be oxidized for a long time, which is the mainstream silver ornament now. craft.

2. Primary color silver: Silver itself does not undergo any processing, and is made by semi-manual or full-hand craftsmanship, so that silver ornaments have a simple and natural style.

3. Thai silver: Retro-style silver ornaments are oxidized and aged by artificial vulcanization. This type of silver ornament has a more individual style and highlights the style of silver ornaments. Because of the mature technology in Southeast Asian countries, it is commonly known as Thai silver.

Sort by gemstones:

It is mainly classified according to the inlaid gemstones. Generally, the inlaid gemstones mainly include zircon, garnet, agate, crystal stone, Maxellite, turquoise, amber, shell and meteorite.






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